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Announcing a Major Breakthrough

On the evening of Tuesday 21st April, 2015, Ideal Standard and Mohd. Yousuf Kafood & Sons Trading & Contracting Co. got together to present an informative and well-attended seminar at the Intercontinental Doha Hotel, which went under the banner of ‘A Beautiful Use of Space’. And the ‘star of the show’ was undoubtedly Ideal Standard’s revolutionary new AquaBlade technology which, way ahead of the competition, is now universally recognised as the most significant development in the sanitary ware industry since the invention of the flush toilet by Sir John Harrington in 1596.

Bringing a whole new dimension to the world of sanitary ware, this exclusive and patented technology offers the finest flushing performance ever, even when there are low water volumes. This is achieved using Ideal Standard’s innovative ‘Microslot’ technology, which is a newly engineered system of channels that create a cascading wall of water from the top of the toilet bowl opening, with two formidable plumes energising the flush action.

No other product is quite like this, because distinct from existing flushing systems, where the flushing water does not cover the entire toilet bowl, the in-built Microslot technology of the AquaBlade gives optimum water flow from the top of the bowl on every single flush and covers every square inch of the ceramic. This keeps the toilet bowl cleaner than anyone ever thought possible, which is why everyone within the industry is currently talking about it. Furthermore, what might surprise many people is the fact that it is surprisingly quiet. Again, this is the result of advanced design and engineering, with all of the flows being streamlined within the bowl’s surface, thereby reducing turbulence and maximising flush efficiency. With a meticulous attention to craftsmanship, AquaBlade technology has set a new benchmark in both design and flush performance; the smooth, gently curved surface has no overhanging rim, which means that it is much more hygienic, whilst being just as easy to clean as any other toilet currently available. You’ve never experienced anything like it before ... and here’s why in a little more detail.

In conventional modern toilets, in the region of 20% of the bowl remains unwashed after flushing, with the back ‘dirty zone’ of the toilet in particular not washing acceptably. AquaBlade, on the other hand, washes 100% of surfaces beneath the slot, cleaning every part, including the important back of the toilet. Indeed, because this ground-breaking new product has no overhanging rim, all surfaces are out in the open, making them far easier to clean. The toilet has two flush ports in the rear. The water flows from the two large lateral openings visible along a flux line, follows the pool edge and tapers forward and merges with the inner basin.

Perfect hygiene
• No cavities in which can collect debris and dirt
• Minimises the spread of germs and bacteria
• Optimal Flushing in the toilet bowl
Optimum cleanliness
• Innovative flushing technology for brilliant cleanliness
• Easy-care and economic cleaning
• Environmentally friendly due to reduced use of toilet cleaners
But it’s not only about performance; on the contrary, its beauty alone demands admiration, for AquaBlade has been designed with aesthetics in mind. An excellent case-in-point is that when the toilet seat is down, the often unappealing rim of the toilet becomes invisible, guaranteeing a much more visually pleasing environment.
Compared with the leading rimless toilets, the stunningly smooth design of the AquaBlade also significantly reduces splashing for the duration of the flushing process. This has a number of important advantages, not least that there is less bacteria cross-contamination taking place, as far fewer bacteria particles are released into the air upon flushing.


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At Ideal Standard we’re continually striving to bring the most beautiful, innovative solutions to our customers, leading the way and setting new standards in bathroom design. Now, following several years in development, we’re proud to introduce new Ideal Standard AquaBlade™ Technology - the most significant development since the invention of the flush toilet. We’re confident that this unique, patented technology will set new standards in design, hygiene and performance.

AquaBlade™ Technology gives a superior flush performance every time. With no overhanging rim, the water flows from the very top of the bowl rinsing 100% of the area beneath. With simple clean lines and contemporary styling, AquaBlade™ Technology has been designed with aesthetics as well as performance in mind. There is no unsightly rim so only the smooth curves of the bowl are visible. BETTER LOOKING… In research, 8 out of 10 consumers* of consumers preferred the look of the AquaBlade™ Technology bowl to a standard box rim and rimless toilets. * based on research in UK and Italy THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION The integral channel creates a pressurised cascade of water which flows round the bowl creating two strong jets at the front. These merge to form a powerful plume of water that drives away solid matter effortlessly.